Thursday, May 25, 2006

Computer / IT Analyst Job Future Highly Rated By Money Magazine

Money magazine listed the 50 best jobs in America this past week, and "Computer / IT Analyst" was rated #7 overall. Not bad!

According to Money, "Seems like the entire world is at the mercy of information technology folks, thanks to the rapid spread of computers and swell of the Internet. And all of these jobs pay well, from desktop support to Webmaster to database work." Sounds good to me! They put a little more importance on a college degree than I would personally, but it all depends on the job and the company you're working with or for.

Overall, just another great reason to get certified!

Here's another one, this quote from Dan Rodriguez, CEO of IT staffing firm Veredus:

"...And of course certifications like the MCSE [Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer] are always big. The supply of people who have these skills and credentials is not keeping up with demand."

Source of this quote: , "Where The Tech Jobs Are Now" article on the homepage.

There are several excellent articles on the Money magazine site right now that are very much worth reading as well. Visit them at

So the next time someone starts the same ol' "blah blah blah" about certifications, don't waste your breath arguing with them or your time listening to them. Computer certifications are becoming more and more important every day!

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