Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Personal Motivational Library

Anyone who's read my articles knows that I'm very big on planning your success. If you want to drive across the country, you map out a plan to do so; if you want to get a CCNA, CCIE, or accomplish anything else in life, you've got to create a success plan for doing so.

If you've never done so, this can be a little tough at first. I'd like to recommend five of my personal favorite planning and/or motivation books that have helped me create plans for a successful career and life.

Brian Tracy's Goals! is a fantastic book for learning how to create a plan for professional and personal success. I highly recommend it, and you can learn more about this great book and Brian's other products at His books are at as well.

Mark Burnett, the creator of Survivor and The Apprentice -- well, you just have to read his story to believe it. You can read about his amazing career in Jump In!.

Donny Deutsch's book Often Wrong, Never In Doubt is quite inspiring for those of us creating our own path to professional success. Well worth a read. Warning: contains sexist content in places. Don't blame me, I didn't write it. :)

Nick Saban is the coach of the Miami Dolphins, and his book How Good Do You Want To Be? will help you break through the restraints that you may have put on your own career and accomplishments. This isn't the typical "sports coach rah rah" book so many successful coaches have written, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

I'll finish this list with a second Brian Tracy book, TurboCoach. I've actually bought two copies of this book, because I wore the first one out! There's no better way to achieve your dreams than to create a detailed, written plan for doing so, and this book will definitely help you do so.

So there you are! Whether you're looking for help in creating a study and success plan for your studies, or just a little friendly inspiration, these books are a great way to get what you need to succeed. And then it's up to you!

To your Cisco success,

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933

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