Thursday, April 27, 2006

Answers To Tuesday's Practice Questions


Which of the following is true of ISDN BRI? Choose all that apply.

A. There are three channels - one b-channel and two d-channels.

B. There are three channels - one d-channel and two b-channels.

C. The d-channel(s) set up the call.

D. The b-channel(s) set up the call.

E. The d-channel(s) carry the data, which can be voice or video.

F. The b-channel(s) carry the data, which can be voice or video.

G. The bandwidth is the same for all three channels.

H. The bandwidth differs between the three channels.

Answer: B, C, F, H. ISDN BRI has one D-channel and two B-channels, the D-channel sets up the call, the B-channels carry the voice and/or video data, and the bandwidth does differ between the three channels.


You want an EIGRP-enabled interface, ethernet 0, to receive routing updates but not send them. What is the full command you would enter under the EIGRP process to do so?

Answer: passive-interface ethernet0


Which of the following must be agreed upon between switches running MST to be considered in the same region? Choose three.

A. Revision number

B. MST Autonomous System Number

C. MST Metric Weights

D. MST Region Name

E. MST Instance mapping digest

F. Interface VLAN1 must be on the same subnet

Answer: A, D, E. The revision number, region name, and the digest of the MST Instance - VLAN number mapping must match among routers in the same region.

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